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Tombstone Rubbings

Tombstone rubbings, also called grave rubbings, is easy and fun to do.

Sabina J. Murray, A.G. became interested in family history when she was 12 years old. She saw her great grandmother's book that contained much of her genealogy. Sabina copied the information onto little cards. When relatives would visit, she would get out her cards and ask information about them. She even had an autograph book just for relatives.

Millions of Internet users have enjoyed Sabina Murray's popular tombstone rubbings course since it first went on-line in 1995.

She has done volunteer work in various Family History Centers for 20 years, and served as FHC director for many years.

She has taught thousands of others as a sixth grade English and Reading teacher, accredited genealogist, volunteer, genealogical speaker and teacher and mentor.

Now, her popular tombstone rubbing course is on-line for you to enjoy:


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