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Finding the Hidden Treasures in Tombstone Rubbings

This tombstone shows how much the family cared for this relative. The stone is home-made with misspelled words, yet the grave is marked with loving care.

This stone is Sabina's Great-great Grandfather who was killed in the Civil War in Wayne Co. Georgia. It tells where he was born, who the parents are, and how much they miss him. Note the cracks. This stone probably doesn't exist any longer because it was broken into three pieces when the rubbing was done. In this case, the rubbing is of great value because it preserves the information for posterity.

Here is a good example that shows how the surname has changed during this persons lifetime, and shows exactly where they were born.

This is Sabina's husband's Great Grandparents tombstone in Williamsburg Co. South Carolina. This rubbing has been a popular item at family reunions, creating interest and conversation with family members who weren't normally interested in family history.

This tombstone is mentioned in the historical novel "Margaret's Story" by Eugenia Price. They are burying this person in the opening of the story.

Note how the leaf, that got underneath the paper during the rubbing, gives it character.

This is Sabina's Great-great Grandmother, the mother of 'Helen Mar Mattox" (the woman who had her genealogy recorded in the book that sparked Sabina's interest in genealogy). Note the clasped hands, which make this stone attractive and popular at family reunions.

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