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Resource Notes for: "How to Customize Your Own GENEALOGY Personal Planner"

The New WEEKLY Planning (two-page per week) Layout

The reason I am using this planner page "layout" as an example is because it is different than anything else you will see in any office supply store, or online. I'm very excited about it, and I believe you will, too - IF you will...

  • Carefully read the lesson in the November 2009 email newsletter
  • Look over the Resource Notes on this Web page.
  • Take a few minutes to understand the two "Genealogy Modifications" I will be sharing with you in a few minutes...


This page is part of a two-page WEEKLY layout from the "Perspective" Ring-bound Weekly Planner Refill.


In January 2010 (I already know Ellen got me this for Christmas), I am looking forward to using these "Vantage" Ring-bound Weekly Planner Refill, which has the same new two-page per week layout, but without the feminine design. ;-)

About Planners and Page Sizes

The most popular planner page size is called "Classic" size, followed by "Compact" size.

  • Classic size (Page Size: 5-1/2" x 8-1/2")
  • Compact size (Page Size: 4-1/4" x 6-3/4")

The smaller "Compact size" is very popular with women because they make several styles of totes and handbags that match the Compact size planners, and the planner fits into the tote.

NOTE: The woman's PERSPECTIVE planner pages come in both Classic and Compact sizes. But the VANTAGE planner pages are only available in the CLASSIC size.

Two Page Per- Month CALENDAR TABS

Every planner should have a monthly calendar with space to jot down important events and appointments. Here are two examples (using the "Perspective" design and "Vantage" designs) of a TWO-page per month calendar. These have TABS, which is a feature I like:


Classic Perspective Two-Page Monthly Calendar Tabs (Jan 10 - Dec 10)


Classic Vantage Two-Page Monthly Calendar Tabs (Jan 10 - Dec 10)

NOTE: I made a point of mentioning TWO page per-month calendars for this important reason: You can get Franklin-Covey planners and planner refills at office supply places like Office Depot and Staples. However, when you buy their Franklin-Covey planner page refills (say, for the year 2010) the monthly calendars that come with the refill package (and have the Tabs) are usually only ONE PAGE PER MONTH!

This drives me nuts! Many times over the years I have picked up a planner page refill from Office Depot (the last week of December), opened them up and home, and then saw that I had the one page per-month calendars (you don't notice it because it is in one bundle), and then had to go online and get the two page per-month ones.

The selection is much, much better on the Franklin-Covey Web site. If you like the Perspective and Vantage special layout that you see in these examples, use these links to get to Franklin-Covey online, because you will not see them in the office supply stores. Also, don't make the mistake I did of waiting until the end of December to order.

Now that you've seen these special planner page layouts, and other planner basics, let's get to how add "Genealogy Modifications" to your planner...

Page Layout for GROUPING Tasks TOGETHER

Look at picture of this new two-page per week layout (I've filled in some things), and note the Ragan Genealogy "block" if items.

They call this layout an "open system." Here is the full description: "This unique, open system features small boxes for daily appointments, Goals and Deadlines sections for each week, and wide-open spaces for organizing tasks by category-any way you want. The "Perspective" (or, for men, the "Vantage") Weekly Planner gives you the outlook you need to stay on top of your life, your way."

Note the part of the description that says "Wide-open spaces for organizing (grouping) tasks by category-any way you want."


Planner "Genealogy Modification" ONE:

In this example, you see that I have a "block" of genealogy-type research things (under the heading Ragan Genealogy) that I'd like to focus on this week.

Of course, you will use any of the six blocks for whatever you have going on in your life. But if you make sure to have your own "genealogy block" going each week, it will make a difference in your research.

Why? The short version of why it works is that your genealogy block (and your other non-genealogy blocks) stay in front of you every day as you use your planner. It gets into your subconscious, and you get more accomplished naturally. This concept is not new, but is sure works.

Planning in blocks goes deeper than you think. At the bottom of this page, you will see my recommendation for the inexpensive "Time of Your Life" training that this putting tasks into groups (also called "Chunking") to a whole different level

Why You Should Have TABS in Your Planner

It is important to have "Tabs" in your planner. Let me show you why, and then bring in the second "genealogy modification."


This item called the " Starter Pack." Note the TABS that are on the right hand side of the picture.

These are called "Personal Management Tabs" which include these Tabs: Planning Calendar, Planner Guide, Values/Mission, Goals, Finances, Key Information, Address/Phone....and NUMBERED TABS.

Planner "Genealogy Modification" TWO:

My second Genealogy Modification is to use ONE of the numbered Tabs for, the place in your planner, where you will keep your "Key Index."

Please take the time to do this segment with me. I'd like for you to read certain pages from my "How to Easily Organize Your Genealogy Stuff, and Find It Fast" guide. It's one of my eBooks that is online.


Please look at page 6 where it says: "STEP 1: Set up your own personal "Key Index Notebook." This is the heart of the system, and will be the most important genealogy related notebook you will own."

Read from page 6 to page 15. You can just quickly skim over the information. What I want you to get, is the general idea of the concept of a "Key Index Notebook."

You will read about what I call a "Key Index Notebook" which is the heart of my genealogy organizing method in the guide. In that "Notebook" you see where there are different Tabs with different surnames on them.

Well...When it comes to using this method in your planner - FORGET ABOUT using all those Tabs. You will just use ONE Tab to keep your "Key Index."

Again, there is change in the way it is shown in the guide. Here, for your planner, I am suggesting that you use only ONE of the Numbered Tabs, and keep a "Key Index" there.

Yes, you can create your "Key Index" and keep all your different surnames, and all your other genealogy stuff indexed in one place, under ONE of the Numbered Tabs in your planner.

NOTE: If you have an existing planner, of any kind, pick ANY Tab and create your "Key Index" there.

A Great Planner TIP and a TEMPLATE


You can order Blank Pages for your planner, and use your word processor to type up your "Key Index" on planner pages. You can also create forms, and type up anything else you want to keep in your planner. These pages print out beautifully.

I use the Classic size (Page Size: 5-1/2" x 8-1/2"), so I created a template for this size in my Microsoft Word program.

When you realize you can type up anything you want, print it, and put it in your planner - you get a better idea of just how much you can customize what goes into your planner, and make it fit your lifestyle.

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