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Online Genealogy Videos from Robert Ragan

Here are some of my most helpful genealogy videos...

  1. Why GEDCOM files are a genealogy researcher’s best friend This introduction section shows you what GEDCOM files are and begins to solve the mystery and confusion that surrounds them.

  2. Genealogy software does all the work for you You will see how to import (look at), export (save your own GEDCOM files) and how easy it is to do.

  3. You CAN do it! Here, you will see how to work with GEDCOM files in a different genealogy software program. Also, see a search on one of the many sites on the Internet where you can get GEDCOM files with the surnames that you are researching.

I hope that you enjoy them. I'll have more to come soon.

God Bless You and Yours,

Robert Ragan

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