Without a doubt, the genealogy program that ALL genealogy researchers should be using is…

What!? Do you think I am out of my mind and will name a genealogy software program that is the "end all, be all" program? Angry mobs of people would hunt me down and beat me!

As a writer and publisher of genealogy and family history materials, I learned long ago that talking about genealogy software is like talking about politics, and things are going to get heated, fast.

Recently, a Treasure Maps Genealogy Newsletter reader wrote:

"I tried some of the reports in Family Tree Maker and I was getting confused after a few generations. I want to eventually include pictures, other siblings and stories about each person…"

You can see a solution I offered to this problem in this lesson: "An Easy Way to Create Genealogy "Family Books" that You Can Share with Your Family," where I showed how to get the data from the reader's Family Tree Maker program to the free PAF genealogy software program.

I mention PAF (Personal Ancestral File) because it is free (and I mean free, with no strings at all attached), works great, and gave a solution to the problem. And, by the way, yes. I do know that Family Tree Maker can also print out family books (lots of options, and in PDF format), but I was showing how to make it less complicated in this specific solution (smile).

In the lesson I also mention: "Use any genealogy software program that you want. Just remember that YOU ONLY HAVE TO TYPE IN THE DATA ONCE! You can do so much with that data after it is entered into your genealogy software." That's one of the main points I was trying to drive home.

My "official opinion" is that I don't care what genealogy software that you use, just use something.

Things get "interesting" whenever I bring up the genealogy software topic, so it's time to get the flames out of my email box and put the heat under the appropriate topic.

So, please share YOUR opinion. What is the best genealogy software? What is your favorite, and why? Do you use more than one program?