Consider the words of Tom Gonzales:

"Like most genealogy novices, I have more "Madness" than "Method" to my family history research. I've done some things right and some wrong. I've read some books, bought some software, interviewed/ taped some elderly relatives, gotten old photos reprinted or copied, been to the 'motherland', etc. What I lack in organization I make up for in enthusiasm. But what I have discovered is that the "madness" (enthusiasm) is the more important part! That is the part that is contagious and brought me closer to my family near and far." (Tom Gonzales)

Can’t you feel some of his genealogy excitement from his comments? It warms my heart to hear things like this because he is DOING things.

Taking action! Sure, there may be, as he says, no method to his madness at first. But enthusiasm goes a long, long way in family history research.I predict much success for Tom and for you if you just jump in and get things going. READY then FIRE is okay at first. Then, you can AIM and adjust your course.

And as the years go by, hold onto that excitement. It’s funny how things can work out for us folks who just didn’t know any better to get scared off at the foot of the mountain - and decided to go ahead and make the climb anyway. Honest.