In the genealogy world, it is so easy to get sidetracked (and sometimes intimidated) by all of the things to learn, remember, and do. It’s easy to forget to keep things simple, go off on a tangent, and wind up spinning your wheels and not progressing with your research.

The bottom line is remembering that your two most important items of concern are your "Pedigree Charts" and "Family Group Sheets."

These basic tools of the trade are what matter the most. And in my opinion, are getting overlooked too often in the computer age. Now don’t misunderstand. Keeping your information on a genealogy computer program is the only way to go - the benefits are many. If you don’t have a genealogy program, I strongly recommend that you find one right away.

What I mean by overlooked is: Once you DO start compiling data and adding notes, etc. to your genealogy program - it is a common habit for many, to start forgetting important facts and clues that you have already gathered.This is because once the information is in the computer it usually doesn’t get viewed as much as it would if it were in print. Think about it.

If you found some really good (but lengthy) information on the Internet would you rather sit at the computer and read it all there? Or, print it and sit down in the easy chair and enjoy it with your feet propped up?

Seasoned researchers, when is the last time that you have actually printed out all of your information (pedigree charts, family groups sheets, notes and all) on paper? I say on paper because you can punch holes in it, put it in a notebook. Then you can easily flip through it at the library, or Family History Center, or at your kitchen table, or wherever.

You see, even if it is all on your computer - and you have backed up the information on a disk, and things are just fine… It is still difficult to keep those important clues in front of you. People forget things. I know I do - how about you?

Remember: Pay attention to these facts and clues. Keep them handy. Look at them often. Pay attention to the places, events, and doings of your ancestor’s lives.

This is the information that is of MOST value to you. Especially with the luxury of having to world at your fingertips on the Internet.

If you are very new to genealogy and have never seen these charts, See– Free Genealogy Charts and Forms where you can print and save a nice collection charts and forms from this Web page.