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Some of the most valuable, overlooked genealogy forms in the genealogy world ... Research outlines from the Family History Library

This is a topic that I've written about before and even mentioned in my PAJAMA Genealogy course materials. But it often gets glossed over because it is in the middle of tons of other good stuff. Now, it is the main focus.

If you have heard of this and have NOT done anything about it (and I know that this is about 95 percent of you)--it is okay...

The genealogy police will not come and whip you with a wet noodle. However! After today, if you do not go and look and print some of this stuff out...well, think of the person, group or organization in your life that has ever induced the most guilt on you and picture them sitting on your computer's monitor.

Yes, they are sitting there and will not go away until you print out some of the information for what ever U.S. state or whatever country that you are doing genealogy research in.

So what is this marvelous genealogy and family history material that is free for the taking and has been compiled by professional genealogists that will give you a boost in your personal research?

Research Outlines - the often overlooked
gems of the genealogy world

They are on the FamilySearch.org Web site. Have you heard of them? Seen them? Printed them?

Here, there are genealogy Research Outlines for all U.S states and many countries. There is something here for you. Please go, look and print. You won't be sorry.

Hint: You can copy and paste information from these Research Outlines into your word processor (like Microsoft Word, etc.).

Also see Free Genealogy Forms and Charts and get some great free pedigree charts, family group sheet charts and more.

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