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An Easy Way to Create Genealogy Family Books that You Can Share with Your Family

Reader, Marianne Golay asked about creating "Family Books."

"Was wondering if you could help me? I'm frustrated and don't know who to turn to. I've looked on your web site, but could not find an answer to my question.

I have Family Tree Maker which is great for storing all my information. Some of my lines are 30 generations back. I have been collecting info for about 40 years, wow how time flies.

I have put together books for some of my relatives years ago, but that was when I only had 6 or 7 generations back. I want to put another book together but want it to be easy to read and not confusing. I tried some of the reports in Family Tree Maker and I was getting confused after a few generations. I want to eventually include pictures, other siblings and stories about each person, but want to start with just the basic facts and just ancestors only.

Do you have anything to help me decide how to start and organize such a book or know where I could go on the Internet to find such information?

Is there a code system that works the best? I appreciate your feedback." (Marianne Golay)

The Solution is Simple, but You MUST Get Past One of the Biggest
Stumbling Blocks in the Modern Genealogy Research World…

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Feedback from Readers Who Created Their Own Genealogy Books

Readers of the Treasure Maps Genealogy email newsletter had some interesting feedback on the "How to Easily Create Your Own Genealogy Books Using Your Computer and Your Kitchen Table" article/blog post.

I thank them again for sharing their wonderful experiences with us.

Here's What Happened When Family History Researchers Shared
their "Self-Made Genealogy Books" with their Families…

"You are SO right about the value of publishing your research in whatever form is most efficient. When my older brother got remarried after his wife died, my wife decided we ought to give her and my brother a copy of the family history, so she would have an idea of what she was getting herself into.

Almost needless to say, she and my brother loved it. My niece, who came to the wedding, read it and asked that when she got married she would love a copy as a wedding present.

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How to Easily Create Your Own Genealogy Books Using Your Computer and Your Kitchen Table

You can enjoy the great pleasure that comes from giving your family members a book filled with genealogy and family history information that YOU created. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • You will just plain "feel wonderful about it." Sharing the legacy of your family with your family is a very special thing. It is hard to put in words. I challenge you to do it and try to describe it to me.
  • This is a great way to get family members who are reluctant to share genealogy information to open up and be more helpful. They will be impressed with you and your efforts - and be much more receptive to you in the future.
  • Just by doing this - you are actually taking an important step in preserving your research work. Your family will keep and cherish your book. It will become a honest-to-goodness family treasure.

Never, ever forget that almost every person in your immediate and extended family is interested in their family history and genealogy.

Of course, your family members may not want to do any research themselves. And, some may not be very willing to help to you with your research (this is a classic pet peeve of many genealogy researchers). But they ARE still interested.

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Use Project Gutenberg to Get Free Online Public Domain Books that Can Help with Your Genealogy Research

In today’s world of the getting the latest and greatest “thing” - online genealogy researchers have a big advantage… Old books are a good thing to have, and you can find them online for free!

How would you like to get your hands on some rare old books about the land(s) your ancestors came from? They were written long ago and lead you into a place and time, generations ago, that is a part of your heritage. You can. In fact, you can start reading those books in the next few minutes….

In the past, I have written about how to find old genealogy books on-line at a discount,  (See: How to Find Rare and Valuable Genealogy Books for a Low Price) but today I’d like to introduce you to the world of public domain books.

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