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Do you know about some of the best free genealogy forms, publications and free genealogy search sites that are available on-line?

Free genealogy forms and charts

Here are some of what I think are the better genealogy forms, charts, and helps that are available online.

You can print them and put them in a notebook. In fact, many of these are perfect for printing out and reading in your easy chair.

I also suggest creating a folder on your computer and saving
them to print when needed.

You can get these great looking free genealogy forms to help you with your family history.

Here are some good basic forms and charts to look at:

  • Four Generation Ancestor Chart
  • Research Log
  • Four Generation Chart w/Tree
  • Blank Soundex Cards
  • Four Generation Vertical Chart
  • Cemetery Abstract Chart
  • Marriage Abstract Chart
  • Abstract for Soundex Research
  • Census History Form for Individuals
  • Vertical Family Group Sheet

Other Genealogy Helps

  • Family History Interview
  • Soundex Abbreviations
  • How to Read the Soundex
  • Old Time Illnesses
  • Old Time Occupations
  • What Really Happened to the 1890 Census?
  • What's Listed on Each Census
  • North American Wars

Family Tree Magazine has genealogy forms
that you don't see every day:

Family Tree Magazine has some really nice forms in both PDF and Text format. What is nice is that you can open the Text forms in your word processor (like Word)
and edit them.

Here are only some of the many genealogy forms you will find:
  • Five-Generation Ancestor Chart: A standard five-generation pedigree chart.
  • Research Calendar: A classic research organizer. Use a research calendar to keep track of the materials you've searched.
  • Note-Taking Form: Designed for filing your notes by surname and record type ("ROBINSON: Census Records").
  • Note-Taking Form: Designed for filing your notes by couple or family group ("John and Mary Jones").
  • Research Repository Checklist: Record details about an archive or library you plan to visit—a great tool to help plan research trips.
  • Research Journal: List sources you've checked or plan to check.
  • Research Worksheet: Ideal for research on long-lost relatives or 20th-century ancestors.
  • Table of Contents: List the documents in a file folder so you can find them quickly. - Statewide Marriage Index: Identify brides and grooms in a centralized statewide marriage index.
  • Vital Records Chart: Learn when your ancestral state mandated vital-record keeping. 
  • Relationship Chart: Figure out how any two people are related.
  • Biographical Outline: Record events in an ancestor's life: information on education, military service, marriage(s), children, etc.
  • Correspondence Log: Keep track of general research requests.
  • Family Correspondence Log: Organize research requests from family members.
  • Family Group Sheet: This essential form lets you compile information about a nuclear family.
  • Time Capsules: Create your own time capsule from these sample questions. 
  • Military Records Checklist: Track your search for ancestors' military service files.
  • Tradition Recording Form: Record information about your family's traditions and folklore.

Here's Some of My Favorite Online Sources for Free Forms:

Lineages has a "Genealogy Toolkit" that includes 28 different genealogy forms, and they are a must have. Here's just some of them:

  • VERTICAL layout forms of: Pedigree Chart, Family Group Record AND a continuation form of the Family Group Record.
  • Research Extract forms: Basic, Birth/Christening, Marriage,and Death.
  • Census Extract forms: 1790 through 1920.

If nothing else, go and SAVE this file-full-o-forms to your computer. Hint, look for the "Save a Copy" link that is on the toolbar of your Adobe Reader (this is already installed on 99 percent of most computers).

Free genealogy "Research Outlines"

Research Outlines from FamilySearch: One of the most overlooked treasures in the genealogy world. There are free genealogy research outlines for every US state and many different countries. Go and print the ones you need.

There are Research Outlines for every U.S. state and most countries and lots of other goodies. Example: Let's say you have ancestors from Ireland. There are 16 different forms and lessons about Irish research.

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