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"So You Want to Take Your Genealogy Information and
Make a Book For Your Family..." by Robert Ragan (Part ONE)

This special lesson covers several resources that are extremely helpful and good to know about.

However, together we will be working towards an objective: To be able to print your genealogy information in a book format. Not for professional publication necessarily, but for you and your family.

Many people have asked me about the best way to work with and print their data, and I personally know many people who are trying to put together a "family history book" to share with their families.

You are going to get EXCITED if you read this lesson and apply it. Even if you don't want to create a genealogy book, it is worth your time to follow along with me. The Internet and today's technology is a blessing to genealogy researchers everywhere.

We will cover a lot of ground together. So much ground that it would never fit in one issue of this newsletter. So, I have created a few Web pages that show the graphics and instructions. This issue of the newsletter is an outline of sorts for the lesson.

So please take a look at all of the information in this lesson. Print it out and have fun. It is valuable information that will help many of you learn about some great on-line resources, and create priceless Treasures for your family.

Let's get started...

I've written plenty of articles and even manuals about how to use the FamilySearch Web site. What I want to show you know is how powerful a help it can be in your quest to make a book (or, homemade booklet) with your genealogy information.

If you do have any of my older guides about FamilySearch, they are still informative. The big change on the FamilySearch site is the main home page.

Go there now and take a look and do a search: See- www.familysearch.org

Look at the "Search For Your Ancestors" search boxes on the main page. Do a search of your own if you want. The example I use is jonathan (First Name) ragan (Last Name) and United States (Country). Then, click on the "Search" button.

Look at the results of your search...

And also look on the right side of your screen and the large "Sources Searched" box. It will show you how many results there are in each source.

We are not going to focus on all of the sources today, but take a look at some of them. Especially look at the "Ancestral File" source. This is a database of information with families that are LINKED TOGETHER in it.

When you do a search, or like my example of doing a search for Jonathan Ragan, when you click on one of the names in the results you will see an "Individual Record" of that person with dates of any events (like birth or death dates and places) and marriage records IF they are available.

Now you can start getting a little excited - Look to the far right of where it says "Individual Record."

There are two possible links: "Pedigree" and "Family."

If you click on the Pedigree link, you will get a Pedigree Chart. Sometimes they go very far back in time.

If you click on the Family link, you will get a Family Group Record. Sometimes there are no wife and children listed. Many times they are there.

The Pedigree and Family Group charts are the two most important staples of genealogy research. Here they are at the click of a button. Ancestral File is a collection of genealogical information taken from Pedigree Charts and Family Group Records submitted to the Family History Department since 1978. Yes, this is the research of someone else and needs to be verified. But, you can find some valuable information here.

Look at the Family Group Record in the example or one that you looked up on your own. Look at the link that says "Download GEDCOM." This is a big deal!

TIP: If you get lost on the FamilySearch site, all you have to do is click on the FamilySearch picture to get back to the main home page.

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About Robert Ragan:

Robert Ragan has been actively involved with computers and genealogy since the 1980s and is a former director of a Family History Center in Jacksonville, Florida. He has written several guides, tutorials and a home-study course on Internet genealogy research and has published the Treasure Maps genealogy email newsletter since 1995 and is publisher of http://www.amberskyline.com/treasuremaps/ - Your resource for genealogy, family tree and family history products, research tools and other genealogy search helps.

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