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Features and benefits of Family Tree Maker, one of the genealogy world's most popular genealogy software programs, and the latest version of FTM - Family Tree Maker 2010

Family Tree Maker has become a long-time favorite software program of genealogy researchers and it gets better with each new version.

Getting started is fast and easy with Family Tree Maker's tutorial guides that will you step-by-step through entering data, searching for your ancestors, preserving important family information and stories, and creating unique family trees and books to display your genealogy information.

There are several different ways to look at your genealogy data with the Family Tree Maker 2010 program.

  • Pedigree View: Which allows you to quickly and easily navigate your family tree. You can view up to seven generations. When you navigate to other generations in your family tree, there is animation that helps you see how the tree is changing so you won't get lost.
  • Family View: This makes it easy to enter and view information about a single family unit. You can easily add more details and notes about an individual or a marriage, photographs or other images, additional spouses or other family members, and sources of your information.
  • Storage of Countless Facts: You can store an unlimited number of facts for every individual in your Family File. There are fact categories (like births, deaths, marriages, emigration, etc.) so it's simple to use.
  • Multimedia Scrapbook: Every person in your Family File can have his or her own digital Scrapbook. You can also store and display almost any type of information - including sound, video, and text files - along with a wide variety of graphic formats.
  • View Two Family Files Simultaneously: You can view, compare, and edit Family Files side-by-side. You can check for similarities and differences between your files and ones you receive from family members or other genealogy researchers.

Family Tree Maker has easy to use search features


  • One-Click Searching: To find leads on your ancestors. Family Tree Maker's Web search feature will automatically search their genealogical databases for more information on the people in your tree, and will rank the results to easily identify the ones that are most likely to be your ancestors. The FTM Web Search Report makes it easy to compare the information found online with the people in your tree, so you can quickly determine which information is relevant to you.
  • Web Merge Process: Merging and appending data from the Web has never been easier. Now Family Tree Maker takes the guesswork out of merging. An easy to use wizard guides you through the incorporation of each new record you find. You can either accept Family Tree Maker's recommendations and add the new data in one step, or you can use the wizard to help you. None of your existing information will be overwritten.

This will save time. One of the most difficult tasks of family historians is finding the time to research and learn more about their family trees. Family Tree Maker 2010 can save you valuable time and makes searching for and finding ancestors easier than ever. Once you begin entering family names and building your tree, and as long as you're connected to the Internet, Family Tree Maker is working for you.

Family Tree Maker 2010 also offers you...

  • Customized Charts and Reports: Will let you showcase your family history with your own personal touches. You can choose from a variety of professionally designed templates, add memorable photos, fonts, and box and border styles. You can even create multimedia trees complete with audio and video clips.
  • Countless Heirloom-Quality Printouts: Allow you to display your family history with Family Tree Maker's wide selection of attractive trees, reports, maps, and more - from personal keepsakes to beautiful heirloom-quality printouts.
  • All-in-One Tree: The All-in-One tree allows you to display every member of your Family File in one continuous tree. You can create one for your next family reunion - your family and friends will be delighted.
  • Maps and Timelines: You can trace your family's journey through time and across continents. Maps display the various location in which your ancestors lived, while Timelines display your ancestors against the historic milestones that helped shape their lives - and yours.
  • Family Books: Family Tree Maker lets you combine your favorite printouts into a book, then automatically generates a Table of Contents, Index, and more. Print a keepsake copy for a loved one or publish it on your own personal Home Page to share with everyone.
  • Professionally Designed Templates: Take advantage of professional artwork to help you create beautiful family trees for gifts or display.

Family Tree Maker makes it easy to share
your genealogy information with others

  • Share Your History with Friends and Family: Using Family Tree Maker's export features, you can easily share your family trees, books, and reports electronically with relatives that do not own Family Tree Maker. Family Tree Maker allows you to output your information to PDF, GEDCOM, spreadsheet, and text file formats.
  • Publish your tree on the Internet: Share your findings on a free User Home Page on Genealogy.com. A home page wizard makes the process easy - just choose which individuals you want to include and the page will be created in minutes.
  • You can't go wrong with the Family Tree Maker genealogy software. If you already have an older version of FTM, you will want to upgrade to Family Tree Maker 2010 and take advantage of the recent upgrades.

Take a look for yourself.

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