Yes, you like genealogy and want to know more about your family tree, but…WHY?

Over the years, I've found many interesting reasons others have for their passion about genealogy and what they want to accomplish during their journey.

We all have our personal reasons as to why we are interested in our ancestors and our heritage.

How many of these reasons fit you?

  • You simply want to discover more about where you and yours came from.
  • You are the "Keeper of the Family Records" and realize how important information about your heritage is, and you hope one of your children or grandchildren will catch the genealogy bug so you can pass the torch to them one day.
  • You want to put your genealogy in a book, even if it is a notebook, and share it with your family.
  • You love mysteries, and the thrill of following the clues drive you.
  • You want to prove that all your family stories are true.
  • You love puzzles, and boy, do you have a big box full of family history puzzle pieces.

Do any of these reasons hit home?

So, tell me about the "Why" of YOUR passion for genealogy:

I would love to hear about it (and so would other members of our Treasure Maps Genealogy family). This can really be inspiring and fun. Please, leave your comments below in the "Leave a Reply" area…