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WHY Are You Interested in Genealogy and Family History?

Yes, you like genealogy and want to know more about your family tree, but…WHY?

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Use this Wonderful, Online Tool / Service to FINALLY Write Your Life Story

Have you ever thought about writing your Life Story?

If so, why? What are the reasons? Here a just a few…

  • Leave a legacy.
  • Preserve an important history for your family and descendants.

Why haven't you done it yet?

  • It is overwhelming.
  • Someone is supposed to do it for you, maybe? If so, when is this going to happen?

 Here is a solution that I'm personally excited about:


  • Your Life Story in print.
  • Audio recordings of your Life Story.
  • All done in very manageable chunks and you can finally "Git-er-done!"

If you want to finally write your life story - or even better - have it in print AND in audio, then this is the coolest Tool / Service you will see.

I just found out about it, use it, love it, and also use it for many other things.

For example, I use this tool to save lots of time with upcoming articles and lessons, letters and email, personal journal entries, notes to myself when I'm anywhere.

Then, I get everything I say sent back to me in text by email - and can get the audio files as well.


NOTE: You do not need the "Cheat Sheet" I show in this video any more - and they have changed the discount to $20 less, versus $30 less.

Here is the special discount link for the CopyTalk Mobile Scribe tool that I talk about in the video. You don't have to call my person or anything - just go straight to this link to use this wonderful tool/service:

If You Could Ask Any Ancestor One Question - Who and What Would it Be?

That's the rule. You can choose any one of your ancestors, and you only get to ask them one question…

Who would your ancestor be? What is the one question you would ask?

The ancestor I would pick is my great-grandmother. Here is some brief information on her:

Her name was Agnes Augusta Wainwright. She was born in Folkston, GA and married J. D. Moore. They moved to Jacksonville, FL because he was an important figure in railroad construction. His company prospered and they became well off. Then the great depression came and took a toll on them; they lost everything. After the depression, he was building up his business again and passed away, She remained poor (in monetary things only) the rest of her life.

She went through all of this with grace and dignity. She was an exceptionally well-loved matriarch in our family. She developed arthritis in her later years but still did all the chores, cooked, cleaned and cared for her children, grandchildren and others -all from a wheelchair. She had small burns down her arms and on her hands from cooking for the family from the wheelchair, and used a cane to make the beds every day.

She never complained about her constant pain. She had great strength and faith and made a lasting difference in our family’s lives.

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A Family History Scrapbook and Digital Scrapbooking

I'm a creative person and a genealogy researcher who knows the importance of recent and old family photographs, but I have never been much of a Scrapbooking person.

Put those priceless pictures in a photo album, sure, but to add all of those bells and whistles, not so much.

However, knowing that I was going to share an example, or "case study," of a family history scrapbook with you, I made sure that I sat down and watched a show about Scrapbooking that was on PBS (public television in the U.S.) this month.

Wow! I see why people get hooked. This was a "how-to" show and these two ladies doing amazing things. I have to admit that I couldn't look away from all the techniques they were demonstrating.

They were using sandpaper to create effects and doing "transfers" from stuff they printed on their computer to use in their scrapbooks. There were trimmers and grommets, and things I've never heard of. Very interesting.

I mention this to you for two reasons:

You can take this creative Scrapbooking approach "digital." Meaning, you can do a lot of great things with your computer.

I also want to show you an example of a wonderful "family history" scrapbook that will be passed around (with lots of oohs and aahs) at a family reunion this very weekend.

A Unique "Family History" Scrapbook Idea…

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Genealogy and Family History - Old Family Letters, Diaries, and Journals

Old Family Letters, Diaries, and Journals

I used to teach genealogy community classes in my area a few years back. I will never forget when one of the students came in with a newly found journal written by one of her ancestors.

Genealogy and Family Tree RecordsThis dear lady, in her fifties, held it to her chest like a schoolgirl would hold her diary after a big date with her sweetheart. Her journal was a record of early settlers here in the Southern U.S. There were even drawings of the temporary homes that they built. It was fascinating. I remember that the crude but sturdy "lean-to" home even had a women's touch of carefully arranged curtains.

To prove a point I asked her, "How much would you take for that book?" Her answer was, "NO amount." It was no secret to the class. This record was priceless to her. And rightly so, they were her ancestors.

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Family History Project - You Can Create and Publish Your Own Family Newsletter

You can have a lot of fun publishing your own family newsletter. At the same time, you will be creating a true family treasure. If you do a family project like this, it will be years down the road that you fully realize just how important your efforts are. You will be surprised at the many ways this will affect your family in a positive (and often touching) manner.

Note that this is NOT a “Surname Newsletter” where you have a newsletter all about your last name (surname) only. The surname newsletters will help you further your genealogy research, but they are completely different from the informal family newsletter.

Your family newsletter will go out to many different family members. The in-laws and the out-laws can all be included. Think of it this way: If you were having a family reunion in your home - who would you invite? If your family is very large, you might want to stick to a set geographical region (the Southern U.S. for example).

You’ve got the computer - USE IT! Your newsletter doesn’t have to be fancy to be effective. Your family will enjoy it because of the content, not because it will win a graphic layout award.

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