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How to Use Your Genealogy Blog to Further Your Research

VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE to this lesson...

Google just made a CHANGE to the way the Google Toolbar works. If you download it now, here are some differences:

Click on the little black arrow between the button with the colored shapes and the star. This will allow you to choose what buttons to put on your Google toolbar.

Now choose the "Add Google Blog Search Button" option.



This will let you search other Blogger blogs (a Blog Search screen will appear).

Remember, Google owns Blogger.com.






This part is critical to remember because the all important "Blog This" feature (which ALSO is the white 'B' in an orange button) is now harder to find.

Here is how to get to the "Blog This" option:

1. Click on the double arrows (>>) that point right.
2. Click on the "Send to" option.
3. Now, click on the "Blogger" option.

This will bring up the "Blog This" feature.


I'm not sure why they made it harder to get to, but you MUST know how to use this wonderful "Blog This" method with your genealogy/surname blogs.


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