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How to Use Your Genealogy Blog to Further Your Research

In part one of this lesson, you learned how to create a free genealogy blog in less than 5 minutes...now what do you do with it?

Hopefully, you have followed along and create your own genealogy blog on blooger.com. What I'm going to show you now is one of the coolest and most helpful things I can share with you about having a blog.

About this whole "blog thing." Why are they so special?

The search engines love blogs because there is usually fresh content added frequently.

This a HUGE advantage to you as a genealogy researcher because people who are looking up information on surnames (last names) that you have genealogy blogs set up on, will be able to find you easily.

And, since you know how to add the "I will be glad to share more information with you" statement (see part one of this lesson), you will be able to get more information that YOU need with very little effort.

You may ask, "But Robert, I don't have time to post stuff on my genealogy blog all the time! Is this worth the effort?"

Oh yes, it is worth the effort. But what if I showed you an almost effortless way to post valuable information on your blog?

And by "valuable information," I mean both valuable to you as a genealogy researcher and to any visitor who has interest in the surname(s) that you are interested in.

Please, stay with me through the end of this lesson
and it will all come together for you.

I will show you everything step-by-step. Then the light bulbs are going to go off in your head. This concept is so neat that I am giddy just writing this...

Do you remember when I said that Google owns blogger.com? This is a very big big deal. Follow along and I'll show you why:

You need to set up the free "Google Toolbar" on your computer. Don't run for the hills or be afraid. I will walk you through every step, and it is simple to do.

The Google Toolbar itself is wonderful. And there is a little-known feature on this toolbar, for people who have blogs set up through blogger.com, that is absolutely amazing!

Go to get the Google Toolbar at toolbar.google.com


Just click on the "Download Google Toolbar" button (if you use "Firefox" as a Web browser, look at the link under the button and click on it).




You have a choice to "Run" or "Save" the Google Toolbar installer. You want to click on the "Save" button.

Again, for the computer wary and worried, don't let this scare you. This will be easy.





Look for the little black arrow that points down. When you click on this, you can choose where you want to save the Google Toolbar installer.

It will be easiest just to save it to your "Desktop." So, choose "Desktop" and make sure that the Desktop option is highlighted just like it is shown in the example to the left.




This is part of my Desptop (where all my icons are when I turn on my computer). See the Google eyes? This is what it looks like. All you have to do is click on it.





Click on the "Run" button. This will install the Google Toolbar on your computer.





Click on the "Agree and Continue" button.











MAKE SURE that you click on the "Disable advanced features" radio button.

Then, click on the "Finish" button.







There it is. Across the top of your Web browser, you will see the Google Toolbar.

The Google Toolbar has lots of features. You can do a Google search from the toolbar, it blocks pop-ups, and several other things. Look at all the options and goodies that it has. I've used it for years and been very happy.

But all this good stuff is not why I had you install the Google Toolbar...

Important: Click on the >> button.



This takes you to the "Options" button.

Click on the "Options" button.




Get ready because the real magic is about to happen...

Click on the "More" tab (the third tab on the right).

Click the "BLOG THIS" check box and make sure that this option is selected.

This Blog This! feature is what we have been after all along.




Now that you have selected the "Blog This!" option, this orange and white icon with a big "B" is showing up on your Google Toolbar.

Oh yeah! Now here we go...


Now let's do a search on the Google search engine
(or any other search engine)

My "Search Engine Secrets Made Easy for Genealogy Researchers" students are now expert researchers. Having a genealogy blog is another way that the search methods will help you.

*Note: My Search Engine Secrets methods are also in the Pajama Genealogy System.

I'm going to do a search using the key words: genealogy ragan oglethorpe jonathan

I'm looking for an ancestor named Jonathan Ragan that lived in Oglethorpe Count, Georgia.


This result looks good, so I will click on it. You can try this with my search or any search with your surnames of interest.


This result is from genealogy.com's "GenForum." There is a lot of good information on this page.

However, why go blind looking for the stuff about Jonathan Ragan? Let's let the computer do the work for us.

All you do is click on "Edit" and choose the "Find on this page" option.

All Web browsers have an option like this.




In the "Find" window that pops up, I typed in a word to look for. In this case it was jonathan

Zip! The computer found it for me in a fraction of a second.




Hey, this information looks good. I want to "blog this" on my Ragan Genealogy Blog (but just a part of the information on the page, not all of it.

Pay close attention during the next steps. This is the big one...

I have HIGHLIGHTED the text about Jonathan Ragan and his family on the Web page.

Then, I clicked on the "Blog It!" icon on the Google Toolbar. Remember? The orange and white "B".

This example shows that I need to enter my blogger user name and password.


So I do sign in again. But this time I make sure that I click on the "Remember Me" box.






Note: The text I highlighted (or, selected) on the Web page is now inside the "Blog This!" window.

Click on the "Publish Post" button...






Now, the text that was highlighted is NOW POSTED ON MY BLOG!!!

All that we have to do is click on that "Blog This!" icon and it post the information automatically for us.

Read over this section again if you need to. This is HUGE, awesome stuff that just happened!


There is a link that was automatically made that points back to the site where the information came from. You can see on my Ragan Genealogy Blog for yourself. Go to: http://ragangenealogy.blogspot.com/

Think about what just happened this way:

You have the benefit of gathering relative (no pun intended) information for your blog.

And The Web page owner has the benefit of getting a link back to their Web site (the search engines like this).

The visitor to your blog gets valuable information about genealogy information they are interested in...AND is very likely to contact you and share information that THEY have with you!

Of course, you would not go and blog all of the content on anyone's Web site, but to pick and choose choice chunks of information that have to do with your surname, your places of interest (where your ancestors lived) is fine. This is why there is a "Blog This!" button.

Keep this in mind: You need to post to your blog often. At least twice a week for it to be visited by the search engines and to ranked high so other people can find you.

Yes, you want to write/blog about yourself, your ancestors, and anything genealogy related that you feel like. Have fun with it. However, a common problem with blogs is that you "run out of things to say" and people let their blogs go "dead."

The solution to this problem is to do searches (on Google for example) on the Internet like you should be doing anyway, and use the "Blog This!" trick to keep good content on your site at the same time. Like I said, everyone wins...you, the visitor, the person whose Web site those links point back to.

Many of my students are familiar with my unique "Gather, Store, and Quick Find" method when it comes to finding and keeping important genealogy information that they find using the search engines.

The blogging method using the "Blog This!" feature is not just another "arrow in your quiver" to help you with your research. Instead, it is like having a bazooka in your quiver.

Also, this is another great information STORAGE methods. Yet, it serves you and others.

For you Pajama Genealogy Students, wrap your mind around this and combine it with what you already know. Very exciting--and powerful.

Note: The lesson you just went over will be in the Pajama Genealogy System videos on CD in great detail. This goes hand-in-hand with other methods in the system. If you enjoyed this lesson now, just think how great it will be to see, step-by-step as you follow along with the videos on your computer.

We covered a lot of ground in this genealogy blog lesson. Please take time to understand it and go over it a few times. Create your own genealogy blog, or several blogs. Put the Google Toolbar on your computer so you can use the "Blog This!" You will never be at a lack for valuable content to put on it.

Having your own genealogy blogs are not just fun to do. They are another wonderful way to store information about your surnames of interests. Web pages disappear all the time. This is a good way to keep the valuable information. This is a way to have people contact you and help you further your research.

See these two example genealogy blogs:

This method will serve you well. I hope you take advantage of it.

Thanks -  Robert Ragan


NOTE: There has been an important update to the "Blog This" method. Google changed the way it works. See the UPDATE in part THREE of this lesson about genealogy blogs


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