I put some examples of fun genealogy stuff on the Treasure Maps Genealogy site (see http://amberskyline.com/treasuremaps/ ) and in a previous post, but they don't do justice to what you can find searching on your own. And, as you will see, not only is this a good resource for yourself as a genealogy researcher, it could be a resource for your genealogy society or for one of your family reunions. See for yourself…

Try These 3 Types of Searches and See How Much "Fun" Genealogy Stuff You Find:

Go to this specialty product site and look for the Search box:

Search Box for Fun Genealogy Stuff

 Type in the key word genealogy and click on the "Go" button. Note: Leave the default Search setting "All Departments" as it is.

 You will see all kinds of things, and below is an example. But, here's what to look for:

Example of Fun Genealogy Products

Look below each of these items where it says "See This Design On." 

One of these genealogy designs is available on a T-shirt, a journal, and a long sleeve T-shirt. Yet, the other design is on an ornament, a magnet, and a button. Why is this?

This is a benefit of shopping on the Internet. You see, this product specialty site ties into many other specialty companies and makes it easy to find these type of fun genealogy products. 

Also note the link that says "More products." This means there are several other items with this same design. 

You Get the Idea, but You will MISS Some of the Best
Stuff if You Don't Do THIS Search:

Another Genealogy Product Search Example

From the same site, now type in the key words family tree and click on the "Go" button.

Fun Family Tree Products 

Now you will see genealogy/family tree items that you did not see in your previous search.

The design that says "Life is Great - Snack, Snooze, Search - Do Genealogy" is my personal favorite. 

Note that you can get it on a coffee mug, a hat, and a cotton T-shirt. But, don't forget the "More products" link.

I am stressing the "More products" link for a reason. If you do a search and just give a design a quick glance you can easily miss the best stuff.

For example, let's say that you like this "Life is Great" design.

When you click on the "More products" link, look at what happens…

Example of the many genealogy products you can find

There is a whole lot more to choose from! 

So, maybe you want this funny genealogy design on a T-shirt. Well, how about some variety? For example, I prefer a shirt with a V neck. It is here. There are even boxer shorts!

And this example only shows a handful of the items you can get with this fun genealogy design on it.

   You've got to admit that this coffee mug is awesome…

A great genealogy coffee mug

Now Try this Search Using Your SURNAMES…

Search genealogy products using your surname

 I love the stuff I found using my surname as a key word. In this example, I use my surname ragan as the key word. Look at just a small portion of what came up.

Search using surnames

 Here is my surname, Ragan, on all kinds of items. There are shirts, mugs, and even items for children and babies.

Solution for Family Reunions?

You know how you go to a ______ (insert surname here) family reunion and the people who put the reunion together gets T-shirts made for the event - but not everyone has the same last name? 

This could be the solution. The family members who pitch in to pay for the shirts anyway, might as well get their own surnames on them. 

In this case, I really do like the stuff I can get with my Ragan surname. There is a large variety to choose from. If I went to a T-shirt printer, I would have to get the T-shirts, hats or whatever all printed the same to save on cost. In this case I could mix or match items.

More genealogy products with my surname on them

Here's another example of the "Ragan" surname items, but again, just a handful of items are shown in this example. There are actually 44 products!

There are so many surname products to choose from. You will see what I mean when you do a search for your own surnames of interest. 

You can see that this product specialty site  is a wonderful resource.

You should try these three searches I've gone over with you and see what you come up with. Don't forget to bookmark the page with the search box on it. 

  A Final Note on this Fun Resource…

If you look around this site, you will see that you can also send in your own artwork and designs. This is another plus for genealogy societies and family reunion organizers.

I happened to find all of the fun genealogy items by accident and wanted to share it with you Treasure Maps readers. Remember, use genealogy, family tree, and whatever surnames you are interested in as key words when you do searches on this site. 

Also, this product resource site is so extensive that you can find stuff for ANYTHING you are interested in.

For example: Do you like scrapbooking? Use scrapbooking as a key word. Do you like to garden? Use garden and gardening as key words. You can have a lot of fun finding unique items on this site. Enjoy!