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How to Customize Your Own GENEALOGY Personal Planner

How Often Have You Said to Yourself:  "I Don't Have Enough Time to Work on My Genealogy"?  Here Is a Unique, Powerful, Life-Changing Solution

Three quick questions:

ONE: How would you like to find more time in the day to work on your genealogy, or more time to do whatever you enjoy?

TWO: If I told you about a small, portable tool (that you can customize to fit your lifestyle) that would help you find more personal "genealogy time" and help you in all the other aspects of your life, would you want to use that tool?

Besides helping you find more time, this tool is also a great stress reliever, helps you stay better organized, and can help you manage your life in general.

THREE: Would you be willing to CARRY this time-saving tool with you, and keep it NEAR you at all times?If you said "Yes," to these questions, then please follow along with me carefully. You may be thinking to yourself…

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Try these 3 Searches for Fun Genealogy Stuff…and don’t forget Your Surname

I put some examples of fun genealogy stuff on the Treasure Maps Genealogy site (see ) and in a previous post, but they don't do justice to what you can find searching on your own. And, as you will see, not only is this a good resource for yourself as a genealogy researcher, it could be a resource for your genealogy society or for one of your family reunions. See for yourself…

Try These 3 Types of Searches and See How Much "Fun" Genealogy Stuff You Find:

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A Million Dollars to Do Your Family’s Genealogy Research?

What Would You Do if an Eccentric Rich Old Uncle Offered You a Million Dollars to Do Your Family’s Genealogy Research?

Imagine that you really DID have an eccentric rich old uncle that offered you a million U.S. dollars (or an equal value in your country’s currency) to do your own personal family history research. Hey, stranger things have happened in this world. Please think about it for a minute before you read on.

You would hire someone to do it… is that what you are thinking? 

No, that’s the one of the catches to the deal says your uncle, "YOU have to do the research without hiring someone to do it for you. And, you have to keep it quiet so that other family members or friends don’t have any motive to help you any more excitedly than they normally would."

Boy - that uncle drives a hard bargain. But he IS good for the money.

So… what are the steps you would take? Where do you go from here?

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Classic Interview with Cyndi Howells, Creator of Cyndi’s List

Note from Robert Ragan: This is a "classic" interview that I did with Cyndi Howells way back in February 1997. The original article was titled: "Behind the Scenes with 'Categorizing Queen' Cyndi Howells, Creator of the Web's Best Genealogy Directory."

I thought it would be interesting to take a look back at genealogy in the "pioneer days" of the Web. Cyndi started her amazing genealogy directory in 1996, so this interview was soon after she started.

Now Cyndi's List is a resource that is part of the backbone of on-line genealogy world. Enjoy the interview:

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