About Robert Ragan:

Robert Ragan has been actively involved with computers and genealogy since the 1980s and is a former director of a Family History Center. He also was also an adjunct computer skills teacher, as well as a genealogy and search engine research course developer in Florida Community College in Jacksonville, FL.

Robert specializes in teaching Internet genealogy and family history research methods in "plain English" and has written several step-by-step guides, tutorials, and home-study courses on Internet genealogy research.

For years, genealogy researchers have used his unique computer genealogy courses, including the popular Search Engine Secrets Made Easy for Genealogy Researchers and the Pajama Genealogy Research System…"How to do most of your genealogy research from your home in your pajamas. Using your computer, the Internet, and your kitchen table."

Robert has published the free Treasure Maps Genealogy email newsletter since 1995 and is publisher of Treasure Maps Genealogy Web site - Your resource for useful and exclusive genealogy, family tree and family history research tips, resources, and other on-line and off-line genealogy helps.

UPDATE: Now Treasure Maps has a sister site! Visit the new Genealogy Compass site for even more genealogy helps, news, and tutorials. 

Note from Robert Ragan about Teaching and Discovering

"I've come to terms with some things about myself over the years. I've learned more about my strengths, weaknesses and gifts that I possess. Also, I can admit (keep in mind, it has always been hard for me to give myself a compliment), with modesty but conviction, that I have a gift of teaching. I can help people, interested in genealogy, learn things they thought were hard to understand, or have never even thought of before.

It has been referred to as "flipping a switch" in their mind, or simply looking at things in a whole new light. And…doing it in an easy to understand, plain English way.

Years ago, I decided that I want to use this gift to make the world, in some small way, a better place.

So, using my gift and helping others discover more about their own genealogy and family history is a pretty good thing, in my opinion. It is an honor, actually. You would not believe some of the e-mails and letters I get where people tell me how my newsletter, or one of my guides, or Web site has helped them.

It gives me goose bumps every time I read a success story." (Robert Ragan)

"One of my main goals is to empower you. I want you to be able to sit at your computer, discover new genealogy research skills, and have exciting experiences when you find some of your ancestors both on-line and off-line."

          My Very Best to You and Yours,

Robert Ragan