The Treasure Maps Genealogy site has many tutorials and articles on how to write your life story, journaling, and oral history, etc. Here are a few:

You may be thinking, "Hey, that sound's good, but it will take too much time. I will do it 'some' day." This is natural because getting your entire life story written can be overwhelming. But, only seven stories? You can do that.

Some day and later usually never happens, so I'd like to give you a challenge. Here is a fun, SHORT, project that you can easily and quickly do.

It's Only SEVEN Stories - C'mon Try This…

- If you had only SEVEN stories to tell about who you are, what would they be?

- How would these stories reflect your life and define who you are as a person?

- What are YOUR seven stories?

Here is a writing project that several students at Eastern Michigan University did. They started their seven stories/chapters with a Table of Contents.

Here are some examples on their "National Day on Writing" page. Remember, they are college students. Most of us have a lot more life experience under our belts, but there are many examples. Some are touching, some are a little sad, and some are a little disturbing.

- GO TO: My Life in Seven Stories

"Description: Create the table of contents for a book about your life so far or the life you imagine."

Here are few random items from their Table of Contents that I liked:

- "The Bowl cut that Scarred My Life"
- "Huge, Crazy, Loving Family: The Best in the World!"
- "I Am a Father? What Do I Do Now?"
- "The Long Awaited Senior Year"
- "Awkward Adolescence"
- "The Shaping of a Military Man"
- "Secret Life of a High School Prom Queen"
- "Dream Big/Go Hard"
- "My Parents Don't Love Each Other Any More"
- "I Hate Barbie Dolls and My Father's in Jail"

As you see, some of these students had fun coming up with their Table of Contents.

Yes, this is a FUN thing. Please, do it today, or over the next few days: Create the Table of Contents for the Seven Stories of Your Life and come up with a good title for each chapter.

 Write the TABLE OF CONTENTS for

What are the the "Table of Contents" for the Seven Stories of Your Life? Leave a COMMENT at the BOTTOM of this page:  
TIP: If you are thinking, "I can't think of a way to describe my life in seven stories," try this:

- Write about seven influential people in your life.

- Use seven quotes from songs or poems that are special to you and include some of your personal beliefs.

- You can split your life into seven five-year sections and write a chapter about each.

- You can write about seven lessons that you've learned in life.

- You can choose your seven most influential years (or moments, etc.).

- Write about seven world events that happened during your lifetime and describe what was happening in your life at that point in time.

 It's fun, but it will also make you think. Only seven. What will they be?

Are you in? I hope that you will take me up on the challenge to come up with the seven stories of your life.
Your children, grandchildren, and their children, will be happy that you did.

Our lives are important. They may be simple; they may seem boring at times; but they are more important to others than you think.

A FINAL TIP: Be sure to include your FEELINGS in those stories. How did you feel back then when whatever event happened? How do you feel about it now?

Have fun and enjoy this special project! Share Yours in the Comments Area Below…