I'm a creative person and a genealogy researcher who knows the importance of recent and old family photographs, but I have never been much of a Scrapbooking person.

Put those priceless pictures in a photo album, sure, but to add all of those bells and whistles, not so much.

However, knowing that I was going to share an example, or "case study," of a family history scrapbook with you, I made sure that I sat down and watched a show about Scrapbooking that was on PBS (public television in the U.S.) this month.

Wow! I see why people get hooked. This was a "how-to" show and these two ladies doing amazing things. I have to admit that I couldn't look away from all the techniques they were demonstrating.

They were using sandpaper to create effects and doing "transfers" from stuff they printed on their computer to use in their scrapbooks. There were trimmers and grommets, and things I've never heard of. Very interesting.

I mention this to you for two reasons:

You can take this creative Scrapbooking approach "digital." Meaning, you can do a lot of great things with your computer.

I also want to show you an example of a wonderful "family history" scrapbook that will be passed around (with lots of oohs and aahs) at a family reunion this very weekend.

A Unique "Family History" Scrapbook Idea…

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