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How to Search the Free Genealogy Databases on World Vital Records

I was so impressed after researching World Vital Records that I even called and talked with one of their analyst, who answered some of my questions.

This turned out to be such a good on-line resource that I wrote about it in a recent issue of Treasure Maps Genealogy newsletter. Here are step-by-step tips on how to search their free genealogy databases (with plenty of screen shots).

Here's WHY - and more important,
HOW to use this valuable resource:

Try this for yourself. Please follow along with me. It will not cost you a dime…

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Try these 3 Searches for Fun Genealogy Stuff…and don’t forget Your Surname

I put some examples of fun genealogy stuff on the Treasure Maps Genealogy site (see ) and in a previous post, but they don't do justice to what you can find searching on your own. And, as you will see, not only is this a good resource for yourself as a genealogy researcher, it could be a resource for your genealogy society or for one of your family reunions. See for yourself…

Try These 3 Types of Searches and See How Much "Fun" Genealogy Stuff You Find:

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Some Favorite FUN Genealogy Products

I am a push-over for fun genealogy stuff. You know - genealogy and family history products, swag, novelties or whatever you want to call it. My wife, Ellen is too. Here are some of our current favorites:

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