Old Family Letters, Diaries, and Journals

I used to teach genealogy community classes in my area a few years back. I will never forget when one of the students came in with a newly found journal written by one of her ancestors.

Genealogy and Family Tree RecordsThis dear lady, in her fifties, held it to her chest like a schoolgirl would hold her diary after a big date with her sweetheart. Her journal was a record of early settlers here in the Southern U.S. There were even drawings of the temporary homes that they built. It was fascinating. I remember that the crude but sturdy "lean-to" home even had a women's touch of carefully arranged curtains.

To prove a point I asked her, "How much would you take for that book?" Her answer was, "NO amount." It was no secret to the class. This record was priceless to her. And rightly so, they were her ancestors.

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