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1920 US Census

This is the FOURTEENTH federal census of the United States. All persons in each household are listed by name. All dwellings in each census district were given a number. Each family was also assigned an identification number. Each census sheet lists the county as well as town or township.





Questions Asked:

  1. Street.
  2. House Number.
  3. Dwelling Number.
  4. Family Visit Number.
  5. Name of Each Person Whose Place of Abode on January 1, 1920 Was in this Family.
  6. Relation to Head of Household.
  7. Home owned or rented?
  8. Home owned free of mortgage?
  9. Sex.
  10. Color or Race.
  11. Age.
  12. Marital Status.
  13. Year of Immigration to U.S.
  14. Naturalized or Alien?
  15. Year of Naturalization.
  16. Attending School.
  17. Can Read and Write.
  18. Place of Birth.
  19. Mother Tongue.
  20. Father's Place of Birth.
  21. Father's Mother Tongue.
  22. Mother's Place of Birth.
  23. Mother's Mother Tongue.
  24. Can Speak English.
  25. Occupation.

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