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1880 US Census

This is the TENTH federal census of the United States. All persons in each household are listed by name.

All dwellings in each census district were given a number. Each family was also assigned an identification number. Each census sheet listed the county as well as town or township.

Several new and wonderful questions were added for this census. Everyone listed their relationship to the Head of the Household, their marital status, their actual place of birth and the place of birth for each parent. What wonderful additional treasures of information for genealogists!

Questions Asked:

  1. Dwelling Number.
  2. Family Number.
  3. Name.
  4. Color.
  5. Sex.
  6. Age Prior to June 1.
  7. Month of Birth in Census Year.
  8. Relationship to Head of Household.
  9. Single.
  10. Married.
  11. Widowed.
  12. Divorced.
  13. Married in Census Year.
  14. Occupation.
  15. Other Information.
  16. Can Not Read or Write.
  17. Place of Birth.
  18. Father's Place of Birth.
  19. Mother's Place of Birth.
  20. Enumeration Date.

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