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Search Engine Secrets Made Easy for Genealogy Researchers
Video on CDs Course

"EXCLUSIVE GENEALOGY COURSE: Google genealogy search methods that show you how-to find your ancestors FREE, FAST and EASY on the Internet - and Much More..."


"9 out of 10 people don't know how to effectively use Google (and other search engines). Are you one of them? If you are involved with genealogy research - you will suffer if you don't know how."

I have seen it time and time again, everywhere. Most people, in general, just do not know how to do effective research on the Internet. One example I will never forget is a father and young son at a local library. His son was on the library computer doing homework and was asking his father for help. The father said, "I dunno. Type the word into Yahoo."

Sigh. I didn't say anything because I didn't want the Dad to be embarrassed. I passed by them much later (as I was leaving the library) and they still had not found what they were looking for.

My name is Robert Ragan, and I have helped thousands of people with their online genealogy research by helping them discover how to find exactly what they want off the Internet, and how to find it fast.

Also, I am a writer. My specialty in this area is being able to write in an easy-to-understand "teaching style." When my "Search Engine Secrets Made Easy for Genealogy Researchers" guide was first introduced, in print, in 2000, it became very popular.

It was because the original guide was just like having a friend sit down with you at your computer and coach you step-by-step in plain English. It included plenty of screen shots and was an incredible help to genealogy researchers.

Since then, so MANY things have changed on the Internet. For the BETTER!

The original in-print guide had plenty of screen shots and step-by-step instructions that were easy to follow. Now I say, "If a picture is worth a thousand words - then video lessons that show you exactly how to do it are worth a whole library's worth of words."

This New "Search Engine Secrets Made Easy for
Genealogy Researchers" Video Course is For YOU - If...

You want to - but don't have time to do your genealogy research. This Search Engine Secrets Made Easy for Genealogy Researchers course is the solution to your time problem. Once you learn these skills, methods, and genealogy research tips - your online life as you know it will change dramatically.

You are ready to put an end to the frustration of trying to find what you want on the Internet. Sure, you can find some great genealogy information by typing in one of the surnames you are researching as a key word in the search engines, and also type in the key word genealogy. Then what?

How would you like to be able to find "the needle in the online haystack?" How would you like to be able to find ancestors that you are researching in three minutes or less? For ancestors with common surnames, how about five minutes or less?

You are already one of my students (for example, have used my "Pajama Genealogy System" course, which has many of my search engine research methods in it). This new Search Engine Secrets video course (and the new bonus course that goes with it) covers a ton of new material that you have not seen.

Here's a story that I tell about doing searches on the Internet:

Imagine that you are walking along the beach, and you see some gold coins in the sand... You bend over and pick them up, delighted with your good fortune, and you go on your way. But, what you DON'T know, is that just a few inches beneath the sand, near where you found the coins, is a treasure chest FULL of gold coins. You missed out, and you were oh-so close. So many people will stumble along on the Internet, and not realize that they are passing over what they want, but were so close to getting it. They just didn't know how to look. This is a very common problem for many, many people. Is it a problem for you?

Here's What Happened When I Brought the Original
Search Engine Secrets to the Genealogy World...

I have given special presentations on "Search Engine Secrets Made Easy for Genealogy Researchers" to several different Genealogy Societies. People GO NUTS because the information that they got was so important to their specific research, and they realized it in a big way.

Here are some of their comments (and please remember that these comments are about the original version - there have been so many more advancements in technology since then):

  • "In this presentation, I learned more than I learned in a class that I paid $129 for and went to twice a week for a month. I learned more from you in this one hour, than I did in that month's worth of classes." (Doris St Clair)
  • Chad is an engineer at NASA: "I came away with a WHOLE NEW ATTITUDE about the Internet." (Chad Watt)

So, why did they get so excited? Because instead of hearing the typical basic overview of genealogy on the Internet, they had a "learning experience" and got something they could really use--that very same day--and apply to their personal research situations, with their computers at home.

The BIGGEST reason is because this works with any SURNAME, any PLACE your ancestors lived, or any TOPIC you want to look up online.

Here's Another Comment from the President of a Genealogical Society:

  • "I really wanted to thank you for your recent program "Robert Ragan's Exclusive Presentation of Search Engine Secrets Made Easy for Genealogy Researchers." Boy was I impressed, I learned so many NEW things I never even heard of. When I came home I spent the evening working with these new secrets and got some outstanding results... Thank you for presenting this GREAT program for the Jacksonville Genealogical Society." (Marge Gray, President, Jacksonville Genealogical Society.)

I am including these comments from Marge here because I want you to know that she is a smart lady. Pretty much a computer whiz... and yet, there was a lot of new things that she didn't know about. This is a good example, because I would say that this is typical of 95% of people I have worked with. People from all walks of life, simply do not know enough about this.

Here's a Few More Reviews from Genealogy Societies:

REVIEW: "The SEARCH ENGINE SECRETS MADE EASY FOR GENEALOGY RESEARCHERS Guide" by Robert Ragan. Each person who is using the Internet needs to have a copy of this book beside them at the computer. Use this as a tutorial until the hints become second nature to you. You will learn how to eliminate unwanted data, obtain additional data, and how to use the wildcard, what case to use, and where to put a phrase. You will be empowered. You will wonder how you ever got along without it. By the way, these hints work for any field of interest, not just genealogy." (Southern Genealogist's Exchange Quarterly, December 2000 issue - page 73)

"Thank you for presenting your [Search Engine} program on how to do genealogy on the Internet to the St. Augustine Genealogical Society. We all learned a great deal which will help us with our research. Actually, your instructions have already helped me get through a "brick wall." My third great grandparents are Potter Gage and Cynthia Swan from Albany, Co. NY. I know who Potter's parents are, but Cynthia died at age 49 in 1850 and I was never able to find her parents. I have been putting off the tedious task of going through all the Swan wills in Albany, Co., looking for someone who mentions Cynthia's or her children. After your program, I accessed Alta Vista and bingo- Cynthia's father is listed as Nathan Swan! Again, thanks very much for the program and your excellent manual." (G. Leslie Wilson)

Okay, Just One More from a Genealogy Society. This One is Very Personal to Me...

My Dad and Step-Mom went with me to a big "Pierre Chastain Family Association" genealogy event in Georgia several years back. They were helping me out during this major presentation. It was on the Pajama Genealogy Research System which includes some of the Search Engine Secrets materials.

There was so much material that we covered with the group that day, but I started off with the Search Engine Secrets stuff at the beginning because I wanted to make sure that they knew those methods while they were fresh.

Dad had never seen me teach these methods and I was so glad to have him there. I was so wrapped up in teaching that I did not notice this...

Dad pointed out that after the first break, that there were even MORE people in the room after the break. Many of them went and got other group members and brought them to the presentation because they were so excited (this was a huge two-day event at a hotel).

I can't tell you how special it was to me that Dad and my Step-Mom were there with me that day. My Dad was really proud and saw how important the methods and concepts I taught this group were to them. He passed away very unexpectedly soon after that.

A wonderful lady named Gwen Skelton was one of the people who coordinated that event.

Here is what Gwen said (those light bulbs she mentions were
going off during the Search Engine Secrets segment):

"You have done such a wonderful job...I had just barely gotten through introducing you to the members of the "Pierre Chastain Family Association" when I began to hear little murmurs throughout the audience. One could almost see the little light bulbs of recognition going off as you walked them step by step through your method for searching the Internet. It was almost as if they were saying "Why didn't I think of that?", "Why has no one ever told me this"?, "How could it be so easy?".

These were also the thoughts that came to mind the first time I used the program. Research became an adventure rather than a chore!! You can literally find the needle in the haystack when you apply these methods. Again thank you so very much for speaking to our group, but more than that thank you for all the work you have done to make our "life on the Internet" so much more interesting and rewarding!" (Gwen Skelton)

What Do You Think So Far? Will You Let Me
Help You, Like I Have Helped Others?

The Internet is like a "card catalog" to the world, and this is course is a valuable tool that PUTS YOU IN CONTROL of your online research. You will be able to get the good stuff to come to the top like cream floats to the top of Grandpa's milk pail, and it will EMPOWER YOU, and give you VALUABLE RESEARCH SKILLS that you will use for years to come on the Internet.

I can help you. It doesn't matter what information you want to find, if it exists on the Internet, you can find it FREE, FAST and EASY. Give me the chance to let you learn these skills, and prove it to yourself - with no risk.

Here's What You Get in the New "Search Engine Secrets Made Easy for Genealogy Researchers" Videos on CDs Course:

Basic Search Methods: All updated search engine methods that cover the basics of using the search engines to search for the surnames that you are researching, no matter what those surnames are, or where those ancestors lived. This will put you in control of your online research.

Includes searching for variant surnames, and shows you case studies for searching common surnames (the most frequent question I get asked). All in video lessons that you watch on your computer - click the "pause" button - and try for yourself, at your own speed.

You can have fantastic success with just the basics, but with the changing search engine technology, there is so much more to the picture. These changes provide wonderful benefits for online genealogy researchers because we are looking for such specific information. Think "finding needle in the haystack" on steroids.

Note: Pajama Genealogy students, here we go - the brand NEW stuff that compliments the in-depth research system that you already have...

Advance Search Methods: After you know the basics, these advanced methods will take you even further. You have to see these to appreciate them. My promise to all, including my current students: "You will be thrilled."

More Helpful Case Studies: With all the new things you can do in your online searches, I am showing more helpful case studies that will help you with your personal genealogy research. You will see exactly how to do it and how the methods apply to you and your unique situation (your surnames of interest and where they are from, etc.).

Search Engines that You Have Never Heard of and How to Use Them: I will show you a search engine that lets you easily search several search engines at once (and it is not Dogpile). Another one of these new search engines is, what I believe, what the future of our Internet searches will look like in a few short years. Very interesting.

How-to Get Genealogy Information on Your Surnames Sent to You Automatically: This is the neatest thing since sliced bread. And you have to know your search engine techniques to get it to work right, but...

Let's say that you are researching the MASON surname from Jefferson county, New York. Note that this can be any surname and any location. In this example, you can have new genealogy information about the Masons from Jefferson county sent automatically to your email, immediately. By this I mean the SAME DAY and often the same hour that it hits the Internet.

This is not some email newsletter, and you will NOT get swamped with email. All you have to do is set it up ONCE. Then, the information is sent to you automatically when it hits the Internet. I almost fell over once I got it working right.

Much More: There are so many other tips and helps that I will share with you as we go through the course together.


You Will Also Get this ADDITIONAL BONUS COURSE: "How-to Use Many Free 'Google Tools' that Genealogy Researchers Should Be Shouting from the Rooftops About."

This may sound over the top, but I am so passionate about these little-known and overlooked Google Tools, this is what I am calling this very unique bonus course.

Some of these "Google Tools" I am mention are part of "Google Labs." They are all free online tools that Google has developed.

Not all of the Google Tools apply, but I will show you which ones can be a genealogy researcher's best friend and EXACTLY how to use them, step-by-step.

Are You Thinking, "The Rooftops, Robert?"

Yes, some of these should be shouted from the rooftops. I have not personally seen hardly any of these incredible free Google Tools mentioned in the genealogy world. And if they are, they are mentioned in a brief, passing blurb (and I check for this stuff).

Why they are so overlooked is a mystery to me.

Major TIME SAVERS: Many of these Google Tools I will walk you through, fit hand-in-hand with the search engine methods and will save you even more time.

You May Be Thinking: "Okay, Robert, I'm In, How Much?"

This may surprise you, but I all am asking is that you donate $25 or more to "the cause" and I'll even pay the shipping, to wherever you are.

Most of you know that the Treasure Maps site and email newsletter have been around since 1995. Now, I have Treasure Map's sister site - going as well.

We need your help and support to keep these projects pulling forward, simple as that. If you can find it in your heart to donate more than $25 - that would be a great blessing to us.

IMPORTANT to Remember:

This offer is for you, a reader of the Treasure Maps Genealogy and Genealogy Compass newsletters.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Of course, as always, if you are not delighted with the course, I will refund your donation and you can KEEP the course. I'm not worried about that though, because once you start using this course, I think you will be dancing on your table.

There are a total of THREE CDs in this course (and bonus course) that gives you over TWO HOURS of video training.

    They Include...

  • SES-1 CD (Time 36:14): Starts you off with basic Google search methods and how to apply them to your unique situation. You will see case studies and how to approach the art of online searching. You develop a powerful set of online research and "problem solving" skills that will save you time and frustration. Even with the basics, your online life as you know it will change dramatically. These methods will work with any of your ancestor's surnames (last names), and with any place, no matter where they come from. If they are on the Internet, you will discover how to find them.
  • SES-2 CD (Time 46:25): These advanced methods will take you even further and save you more time as you continue to develop your "research mindset." You will discover different search engines that you have never heard of before and learn how to use them. You will learn about little-known search operators and be able to find "the needle in the haystack." Normally, you can find ancestors that you are researching in three minutes or less. For ancestors with common surnames, you can do it in five minutes or less.
  • SES-Bonus CD (Time 40:42): Is the additional BONUS COURSE: "How-to Use Many Free 'Google Tools' that Genealogy Researchers Should Be Shouting from the Rooftops About." This course will help you discover valuable Google Tools that are being overlooked by the majority of the online genealogy world. Knowing how to use the search engines (and you will be an expert after you use the Search Engine Secrets course) makes all the difference in the world.

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By Making a Donation - You Have an Opportunity to:

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  3. Learn in a fun, down-to-earth way. I will take you by the hand and go step-by-step with you through everything.

My very best to you and yours,

P. S. I encourage you to look further into this. For a small donation to a good cause, you can get this new video on CDs course. But price will not even be an issue once you have the knowledge of these time-saving search methods that show you how-to find your ancestors FREE, FAST and EASY on the Internet. Then, this knowledge will become a valuable tool that you will use ALL of the time when you are online. I promise you that this course WILL deliver.

"If a picture is worth a thousand words - then video lessons that show you exactly how to do it are worth a whole library's worth of words."

You may be asking yourself these questions...

  • QUESTION: Videos on CDS...Whaaaa? Don't you mean DVDs?
  • -ANSWER: These CDs have the many video segments in the Pajama system that are created with a special program called "Camtasia", which lets me capture, or "film" my computer screen in action as I talk to you.
  • After you get the CDs, you will put them in your CD drive on your computer and be able to watch all of the lessons on your computer screen as you follow along, step-by-step. Note that nothing gets installed on your computer - the video lessons are on the CDs.
  • You watch what I do and say on MY computer screen, then press the PAUSE button that is on the video, then try what I'm showing you on YOUR computer screen. You do need to be on your computer to watch them so you can easily follow along.
  • QUESTION: I have a slow connection and couldn't even view the video lessons that you showed us in the past few issues of Treasure Maps newsletter. Will it work for me?
  • -ANSWER: Please understand: The videos WILL work on your computer no matter what connection speed to the Internet you have, because the videos are on the CDs themselves, not the Internet.
  • I had to set these video lessons up on CDs like this because there is so much good information that is covered. There is no way that many of you could ever watch it on-line because it would take so long for you to download.

"I will take you step-by-step at your own speed, through every part of the NEW "Search Engine Secrets Made Easy for Genealogy Researchers" - VIDEO on CDs Course.

You can learn so easily, following along step-by-step, in this new video-on-your-computer-screen format. Just click on the PLAY and PAUSE buttons on the video lessons and try out the methods on your own computer as you watch." (Robert Ragan)


More Comments from People Just Like You Who Used the Original Search Engine Secrets Guide...

  • "Hi Robert - I just wanted to tell you your guide is gold! I received it in the mail today and sat at my computer after dinner and BAM! I got my first hit! I have been using the Internet about four years now and I thought I knew how to properly use a search engine. Boy, was I wrong! Your guide opened my eyes to better ways of searching. I've only gotten to page 10 and I already have had success! Thank you for putting out a great guide like this. I can guarantee you this book will be well worn before I'm finished. I will definitely tell my fellow genealogist about this book! Thank you again." (Lynn Lombardo)
  • "I really appreciate the way it is written with such "easy to understand" examples and in such a clear and "to the point" manner. I have purchased many instruction books and most of them were not much help at all and are just taking up space. I think the authors assume we already know more than we do." (Joanne M. Coryell)
  • "You never cease to amaze me. I bought your "Search Engine Secrets" book....Today I read with great enthusiasm how to sift thru those lengthy lists of names using the Edit, Find keys. What a fantastic tool. THANK YOU, THANK YOU. This is truly a lifesaver. Sometimes I have been very tempted just to give up or have printed out a million and a half pages just to find the one listing. This is the best thing I have learned in a long time." (Cynthia Miller)
  • "Dear Robert, I received your guide in the mail today and started using it right away. I've already gotten return on my money within the first few pages. I was able to download some valuable information on one of my family lines. The guide is well written and easy to follow. Thanks for your good work." (Oscar Redding)
  • "I received the Search and have already worked through it. Wow! IT was great and so easy to understand. I have already used what I have learned to find some elusive information on one of my dad's ancestors. Thanks so much." (Deonna Childers Williams)
  • "I received my package in the mail yesterday with your two treasures and I spent all day using it with unbelievable results!!!!!! I got into areas I have been unable to get access for years!!! I received 16 urls I needed within the first fifteen minutes of reading your directions with the search engine Alta Vista, which is my favorite. Your directions to get information makes the difference!!!!!" (Rhonda Houston)
  • "Received the new Search Engine book a few weeks ago; it is just tremendous!!! So easy to understand!!!! Wish I had it when I first began researching--but better late than never--Discovered LOTS about my maternal line, including that a book had been printed about that line of the family!" (Judy Stromsted)
  • UPDATE: "Thought I would report back on the use of my newly acquired search skills. Using what I learned in your new book on "Search Engine Secrets...", I did a search for info on the Zochert family in Cook Co, Il. The web site it brought up was a San Diego Co, CA Genealogy Query Site...that surprised me but I did a search for "Zochert" and got a query dated 1997 requesting info on an obituary on a Dr. Lebrecht Zochert. That name rang a bell so I checked the info I had and found out that was the brother of my g-grandfather. I e-mailed the person who had posted the query and Saturday received a 43 page report on my Zochert line. We are going to exchange info and documentation. THANKS so very much because with-out your "Search Engine Secrets..." I would never had made contact with this lady. Thanks again." (Deonna Childers Williams)
  • "I haven't even finished "Search Engine Secrets"... yet but I am thrilled with what I have accomplished. Pity anyone that interrupts me while I am in the middle of my so called Class! Thank you so much for the fast service." (Ramona Polaske)