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Journal Entry - September 12, 1998: "Boat Day on Papa’s boat. We went on one of our favorite family outings, which is being on dad’s pontoon boat with him, Martha, and family. There was even the added surprise of having Ron, Toni, and Ronni Marie join us.

It was wonderful. We went to the "Cooley Cove" volunteer fireman’s fish fry before we went on the boat for the "sunset tour." These family days are what it is all about. And these are the kind of moments that matter most to me." (Robert Ragan)

Papa, Jonathan, and Ronni Marie (16589 bytes)

Papa, Jonathan, and Ronni Marie.

Ronni Marie and Jonathan having fun (14485 bytes)

The adorable Ronni Marie and Jonathan love to have fun on Papa's boat.


Papa and his son Ron Ragan kick the Bobo (15635 bytes)

Papa and son Ron Ragan enjoy the day.

Ronni Marie, one of Papa's lil' angels (12683 bytes)

Ronni Marie, one of Papa's lil' angels.

Ellen Ragan and son Jonathan (20779 bytes)

Ellen Ragan with son Jonathan.

Hey Papa, I saw a fish jump! (15811 bytes)

Jonathan and Molly saw a fish jump!

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