Stretch out and have a seat, there is plenty of room on Papa's pontoon boat...

Molly, Florida's first dog of boating (9776 bytes)

It's Molly, Florida's first dog of boating!

She has been waiting patiently for hours to go on this trip. "It's about time," she says.

Molly lives to be on this boat and is loved by all who see her on the stops along the way.

After we get the life jackets on the kids and make sure we have everything (hey, did everyone go to the bathroom before we left?) we are ready to go. Papa starts the engine, gives things a final check. Miss Martha unties the boat from the dock, sits down and smiles, and then the journey begins.


Miss Martha is your Chucklebunny Tour Coordinator (17526 bytes)No, it is NOT "full speed ahead." We are not in any hurry. There is no rush because part of the experience is being able to slow down for a change, and to enjoy the sights on the river.

Miss Martha, our hospitable tour coordinator, asks: "So what do you want to do, and where do you want to go?" You can...




Jonathan says Let's go fishing Papa (16058 bytes)

Learn the secrets of how-to fish with Papa.

The beautiful St. Johns river (31756 bytes)

See the St. Johns river from a boat's eye view.

Jonathan and Ronni Marie being Lil' Goobers (12133 bytes)

Share some of our boat day family moments. Especially with the two wonderful grand- children, Ronni Marie Ragan (Ron and Toni's daughter) and Jonathan Ragan (Robert and Ellen's son).

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