Papa's "Boat Day Get-a-way" Page
A Slice of Heaven on Florida's St. Johns River

If you drive South on historic State Road 13, between Jacksonville and St. Augustine, Florida - you will find an itty-bitty burg called Orangedale. Giant old oak trees with long hanging Spanish moss bow down and make arches over the road.

And as you get closer to Orangedale, you see the St. Johns river peeking through the trees from the road. Here on this mighty river, with it's many coves and creeks, is a slice of North Florida's heaven on earth...

Dan Ragan and Miss Martha are ready to launch the sturdy pontoon boat (32907 bytes)

Papa, Miss Martha, and Jonathan (23426 bytes)

Dan Ragan ("Papa" to the wee ones), "Last mate" Miss Martha, and Grandson Jonathan Ragan, enjoy an outing on the best pontoon boat on the St. Johns River - the "Jaguar Boogie."

You Are Welcome to Join Us...

The Jaguar Boogie is ready to be boarded (24623 bytes)

A short walk from Papa's house is a small inlet by "Horace's dock." Here, underneath the shady oak trees, the boat has already been uncovered and is ready to cast off.

You can't see her yet, but someone is already on board and has been waiting for hours to be on this trip. Let's take a closer look. Step carefully and come on aboard and join the family on a rare relaxing day...



Note: The "Jaguar Boogie" was once a neglected old pontoon boat that was literally dragged out of the Florida jungle and completely refurbished by Dan Ragan (Papa), and was featured in a full length article in the Spring 1998 issue of "Pontoon & Deck Boat" magazine. The whole family is proud to be on the waters with Papa on this fine craft.

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UPDATE: Back in the Christmas of 1998, Dan Ragan, our "Papa," was surprised with these family Web pages about the "boat days" that we loved so much. Papa and Miss Martha loved to take family and friends out on this wonderful pontoon boat. There are so many fond memories.

Since then: He married Miss Martha, the grandkids have grown like crazy, the Jaguar Boogie is ashore in need of repair. However, Papa got a new boat. And best of all, Papa didn't have to go to Horace's dock to launch his boat anymore--he had his own dock built in his back yard, leading to the St. John's River. This was a dream he had since he was a boy, and he lived to see it become a reality.

On September 17, 2003 he left us unexpectedly: Granddaughter, Ronni Marie, said that he is in heaven where there is a boat and a dock--and I'm sure she's right--but Papa always said that, "Where he lived was heaven on earth." He loved the river and was an expert boats man. He loved his family and friends and cherished his time with them, especially times like these.

He was delighted with these pages: For those of you who knew Dan Ragan--may you enjoy these memories...