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=09 =09 =09 =09 THANK YOU Very Much = for Your Donation and Reserving Your Access (In July) to the "How-to Break=20 Through Genealogy Brick Walls" Course.

 You should have gotten an email receipt from PayPal
from this email addre= ss mentioned:


Personal notes from Robert: If there are any problem= s or concerns about your=20 donation, please send me an email at the above address. It is my pe= rsonal email address that I use with PayPal.

Please remember. The "How-to Break Thr= ough=20 Genealogy Brick Walls" Online Course will be available in mid to late July= =20 2017. You will be sent all the private access information by emai= l=20 from me personally.

God bless you and yours...

Robert Ragan

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